Toddler Programs for ages 2-4 years

Twinkle Toes - Dance


Sit back and relax while we take your tot on a magical journey exploring their creativity & imagination as they twirl, leap, laugh and play with confidence.

The Twinkle Toes dance program combines both ballet & jazz dancing; with uniquely themed lessons incorporating exciting dress-ups, props and music – focusing on building confidence and creativity.

Our twinkling uniform set is absolutely adorable and includes a sparkly leotard, rainbow tutu, tiny tights, pretty pink ballet shoes and beautiful rainbow hair bow – for only $49.

Saturdays: 8:30am – 9:00am

Tumble Tots - Gymnastics


Get ready to watch your tots face fill with excitement as their world turns upside down; tumbling, balancing and climbing whilst full of giggles and self-belief. 

Tumble Tots is a toddler gymnastics program with specialised teachers, equipment and richly creative lessons – focused on developing co-ordination & motor skills for both Boys & Girls.

Our super cute tumbling uniform set includes: (girls) a sparkly leotard, rainbow tutu, tiny tights, pretty pink tumbling socks and rainbow bow – for only $49; (boys) a brightly coloured star tshirt, star pants, sweatband and cool tumbling socks – only $39.

Saturdays: 9:00am – 9:30am

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Even after a few lessons my daughter has learnt so much and she is always so excited when I tell her it’s time to go to dance


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