Term 2:    Monday 20th April – Friday 26th June

Following the COVID-19 restrictions we are not conducting any face-to-face classes at the studio during Term 2. Instead we have taken our classes online so they can be done from the comfort & safety of your own home.

Our classes are NOT being done live or according to a schedule/timetable. Instead we have created a 100% flexible online class VIDEO LIBRARY where you can access and complete the videos anytime at your own convenience.



– Classes for Boys & Girls aged 2-17 yrs

– Class styles include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hiphop, Acrobatics, Gymnastics and overall fitness

– We are NOT charging per student or per class. Instead for one low price of $125 you will get full access to our video libray (all classes/styles) for the whole family (all ages)

– All you need is internet access

– Our Video Library is run through a FREE app downloadable through both the Apple & Google Play stores. You can download it onto any of your devices – phone, tablet, laptop, computer

– New video content will continue to be added weekly over the 10 week term duration. Once the term is over access to the video library will remain open for the remainder of 2020

– Our class content focuses on Stretching & Flexibility, Strength & Conditiong, Technique, Choreography and general Fitness.

– All videos are pre-recorded not live, they will be added to the video library where they can be watched at anytime (not scheduled) at your own convenience

– Students can rewatch and repeat the videos as many times as they like

– The app also allows students to communicate with teachers, ask questions and interact with other students

– We have even added an Adults/Parents group full of fun & challenging fitness videos – which our Mums & Dads are absolutely loving

– Students will also receive a dance Activity Booklet via mail full of fun worksheets, craft activities and challenges


Stay Active and Creative with us!

* One Low Price for Unlimited Family Access *

10 Week Term  =  Only $125.00

You won’t find a better deal – Don’t miss out !